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      BMW E9X 3 Series Coilover Buyers Guide

      BMW E9X 3 Series
      Production dates: 2004-2013. US Models: 323i, 328i, 330i, 335i, 335is

      3DM Motorsport is very familiar with the E9X 3 Series chassis. We have experience with an E90 328i in the former Grand Am Continental Tire Challenge ST class and an E92 335i in the One Lap of America. We are an Öhlins USA development partner and were involved with the development of the E9X Ohlins ‘Dedicated"‘ suspension kit. We have our own in house E90 335i development car and shock dyno which has helped us fine tune the kits you will find below.

      Kit Options:
      All kit options are explained in detail below. Please note all of our kits currently fit the rear wheel drive (RWD) only. 3DM Motorsport is currently developing fitments for the all wheel drive (AWD).

      • Öhlins Road and Track BMS MI01
      • 3DM Motorsport Öhlins Road and Track Kits Ready to Run (RTR)
      • 3DM Motorsport TrackDay Kit
      • 3DM Motorsport/Öhlins Dedicated Track Kit
      • 3DM Motorsport Öhlins TTX Motorsport Racing Kit


      Everyone is a little bit different, or perhaps a lot different. Driving styles differ, mechanical skills differ, car upgrade paths differ, the list goes on. Before recommending a kit to someone these are some of the questions we ask…

      • What is your Personality?
      • Are you a “gearhead” and like to tinker with your suspension or do you like to leave it alone and enjoy it for what it is?
      • What is the Use Case? How do you use your car… is it a daily driver, occasional “Sunday” driver, a dual duty street/track car, or a dedicated track car?
      • What level of NVH can you tolerate?

      When discussing suspensions, you have probably heard the term NVH which stands for Noise, Vibration, and Harshness. For example stiff springs and damper valving can be harsh while spherical bearing mounts can create excessive noise. It is important to remember that other pieces of the suspension puzzle such as differential or subframe bushings can also affect NVH.

      We suggest thinking through the answers to the above questions and then browsing our kit options below to see what best fits your needs. We are always an email or phone call away if you have any questions. Contact Us

      (BASIC KIT)

      Öhlins Part Number: BMS Mi00 (Supercedes BMS Mi00)
      3DM Motorsport Part Number: 3DM-P-1142
      Shop: BMW 3 Series (E9X) (RWD) Öhlins Road and Track (BMS Mi01)

      New for 2020! This kit replaces the previous BMS Mi00 kit. Updates Include:

      • Front spring rate: 70 N/mm (400 lbs/in)-180mm front spring to aid in clearance of wider aftermarket wheels/tires.-Rear spring rate: 120 N/mm (685 ln/in) to better control higher HP cars
      • Front and rear shock valving changed to match new spring rates
      • Rear droop travel reduced to keep springs retained on upgraded rear ball joint suspensions.

      The result... the ultimate suspension kit for your E9X 3 series right out of the box!

      These kits are designed to use the OEM mounts. Depending on your application, you may need special tools such as a spring compressor to dismantle your old suspension if you intend to reuse the original OEM mounts. Alternately, can purchase new mounts and the associated specialty hardware before assembly. You will need to be fairly mechanical savvy to install this kit, otherwise we recommend a professional shop perform the install and setup.

      Assuming you use OEM mounts, these kits will have factory like NVH.

      Kit Includes:

      • Front struts with lower and upper spring perches
      • Rear dampers
      • Öhlins front spring: (Rate: 70 N/mm - 400 lbs/in)
      • Öhlins rear spring: (Rate: 120 N/mm - 685 lbs/in)
      • Rear height adjuster
      • Height adjuster wrenches
      • Mounting instructions
      • Ohlins sticker and plaque book

      (READY TO RUN)

      Öhlins Part Number: BMS Mi00 (Supercedes BMS Mi00)
      3DM Motorsport Part Number: 3DM-P-1028
      Shop: BMW 3 Series (E9X) (RWD) Öhlins Road and Track RTR (BMS Mi01)

      3DM pre-assembles the E9X 3 series kits (BMS MI01) with OEM mounts so they are ready to bolt up to your car out of the box. This removes the need to research and source all the pieces yourself. It also reduces the risk of getting caught mid install with an incorrect part. New mounting hardware is also included depending on the application. All ride height settings are set to Öhlins recommended starting points with spring perch jam nuts torqued. You can always request a different setting or change it yourself before install.

      In most cases, basic hand tools are all that are needed to install these kits. There should be no need for complicated special tools such as a spring compressor. Every DIY mechanic operates at a different pace but with these kits you will likely cut install time in less than half over a basic kit.

      If you are having your favorite shop perform the install, the RTR kits will save you labor costs as well, offsetting the extra cost of the new mounts and hardware. We recommend letting your shop know this setup comes pre-assembled so they can adjust their labor estimate accordingly.



      3DM Motorsport Part Number: 3DM-P-1020
      Shop: BMW E9X 3 Series (RWD) 3DM "TrackDay" Suspension Kit

      Our ‘TrackDay Series’ kits take the Öhlins Road and Track dampers to the next level while still retaining street-ability.* While you certainly can “set it and forget it” with these kits, they are geared more towards the person who wants to tinker with their suspension on a regular basis.

      These kits are not “shopping cart” developed. Tweaks to each component have been made to ensure proper fitment and the ultimate performance. The camber plates AND dampers have been modified to ensure proper bump/droop travel. Springs have been spec-ed to have sufficient compression travel and dampers and been re-valved for better performance on track.

      All Kits Include:

      • We use an 80 N/mm (450 lb/in) front spring that is short enough to clear many different size track wheels. With 3+ deg camber we were able to fit 18x9.5 35mm offset wheels with 275/35/18 tires.
      • We use a 140 N/mm rear spring to help with squat and balance powering out of turns. Swift thrust sheets are also provided for the rear spring.
      • Racing camber plates w/65mm perches
      • Shortened rear shock droop
      • Spherical bearing lower rear Shock Mount
      • Hard urethane rear upper shock mount
      • New front spindle clamp hardware


      Shop: Contact Us

      This kit has been developed and tested by 3DM Motorsport and is currently undergoing fitment details.

      These kits have been designed for cars that see a majority of track use and occasional street use. They use much higher spring rates and valving to match including a modified Dual Flow Valve setup.


      Shop: Contact Us

      This kit has been developed and tested by 3DM Motorsport and is currently undergoing continued testing and fitment details.

      These are for the serious track car or race car looking for the extra edge. TTX is a twin tube damper that is fully pressure balanced eliminating the risk of cavitation, enabling the use of low gas pressure which keeps friction at bay. The low amount of hysteresis results in excellent short stroke/high force performance.

      The TTX 46 strut is featured heavily in GT, sports car and touring car racing. The concept of this damper features a 46 mm solid piston with a through rod of 30 mm, providing a rigid and lightweight strut. To further improve the rigidity, the outer tube is made from a special aluminium alloy.

      The TTX 36 damper has an integral reservoir that makes it very compact, there are no external reservoirs or hoses to route around the multi-link rear suspension of the E9X design.

      This setup is similar to what is found on the BMW Factory M4 GT4 racecar.


      • Comes as 2 way adjustable: Low speed compression and rebound
      • Can be upgraded to 3 or 4 way with the addition of high speed adjusters.
      • Additional blow off valve available for each damper. The blow off kit reduces peak loads, makes driving over curbs much smoother and in the end saves tires and reduces the risk for flat tires.