Ohlins Clicker Knobs

  • $ 5.00

The Type A knob and attachment screw are used in conjunction with the Clicker Extensions.  

Type A: Plastic large knob
Knob: 24633-01
Diameter (D): 31mm
Height (H): 15mm

Type A Knob Attachment Screw:
Screw: 24633-02
Diameter (D): 9mm
Height (H): 11.5mm

Type 1,2,3,4 Clicker knobs attach directly to the damper shafts. Please note that there is a set screw inside the main shaft that the clicker knob turns. Sometimes this will come out with the clicker knobs accidentally. 3DM includes new set screws with each clicker knob. 
Set screws can also be purchased separately.

Type 1: For extension wires
Knob: 24631-03
Diameter (D): 18mm
Height (H): 29mm
Thread (T): M10x1.25

Type 2: For extension wires
Knob: 24631-01
Diameter (D): 18mm
Height (H): 35mm
Thread (T): M12x1.25

Type 3: Knurled brass knob
Knob: 24631-04
Diameter (D): 18mm
Height (H): 18mm
Thread (T): M10x1.25

Type 4: Knurled brass knob
Knob: 24631-02
Diameter (D): 18mm
Height (H): 19mm
Thread (T): M12x1.25