Standalone MK60 Motorsport ABS

Racing Harness Technologies (RHT) has developed a Mil-Spec quality harness kit solution to allow modern ABS to be installed in any vehicle. In conjunction with 3DM Motorsport, RHT has developed this solution further and now offers 4 different kit options. 

Basic Kit: Allows for integration of basic MK60 Motorsport ABS functionality into any car.
Data Kit: Includes all Basic Kit features plus has additional hookups for data acquisition systems, standalone ECUs or motorsport traction control systems. 

3DM and RHT have assembled an ever-evolving in-depth guide about the MK60 Motorsport ABS as a standalone. This guide covers the technology behind the MK60 ABS as well as installation and setup tips. 3DM/RHT MK60 Motorsport ABS Standalone Guide