Universal MK60 Motorsport ABS Harness Kits

Racing Harness Technologies (RHT) has developed a Mil-Spec quality harness kit solution to allow ABS to be installed in your vehicle. This kit is also an upgradeIn conjunction with 3DM Motorsport, RHT has developed this solution further and now offers 4 different kit options. 

Basic Kit: Allows for integration of basic MK60 Motorsport ABS functionality into any car.
Data Kit: Includes all Basic Kit features plus has additional hookups for data acquisition systems, standalone ECUs or motorsport traction control systems. 

3DM and RHT have assembled an ever-evolving in-depth guide about the MK60 Motorsport ABS as a standalone. This guide covers the technology behind the MK60 ABS as well as installation and setup tips. 3DM/RHT MK60 Motorsport ABS Standalone Guide