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      The following guide is a supplemental guide prepared by 3DM Motorsport to aid in the installation of the Öhlins Road and Track suspension kits for the following BMWs: F8X M2, M3, M4

      If you do not wish to attempt to assemble the basic kits yourself, 3DM Motorsport offers pre-assembled Öhlins suspension kits as ready to run (RTR). We suggest reviewing our BMW F8X M3/M4 ÖHLINS BUYERS GUIDE as you may find there is a better kit that will suit your needs. We recommend assembling everything on wooden workbenches as this is a good way to prevent scratching components which could lead to corrosion issues.

      The Öhlins Road and Track Owners Manual  and the BMW F8X Öhlins Mounting Instructions cover the basics but there are a few details that are important to be aware of, specifically the rear dust boot installation.

      Front damper assembly is very straight forward. Follow the Öhlins mounting instructions for your specific kit.

      DO NOT use an impact gun to torque the top mount nut onto the top pin of the strut. This could lead to the top pin shearing off and there is no fix for this other than to purchase another damper.

      The Öhlins mounting instructions cover the basics but there are a few details that are important to be aware of when assembling the rear dampers otherwise you may not have the proper adjustment capability of the clicker knob. In the Öhlins mounting instructions you will find a diagram (shown below) that shows how to install the dust boot. This guide gives you additional detailed information to aid assembly.

      Tools Used in the steps of this guide:

      • Scissors
      • 2.5mm Allen wrench
      • 4mm Allen wrench
      • Loctite 222

      1: Using a pair of scissors, cut the very end of the boot 8mm from the end. This allows proper fitment into the retaining ring.

      2: Slide the boot onto the damper. It has slots to flex over the eyelet and clicker knobs easily.

      Adjust the clicker knob to full soft. To do this turn the knob counter clockwise as if you were looking at the bottom of the damper upwards. The clicker knob will get closer to the bottom eyelet when you do this.

      Slide the accelerometer bracket mounting ring (aka boot Retaining Ring) down towards the clicker knob to create a gap to the stop washer. this allows room to slide the dust boot inside.

      3: Insert the boot into the retaining ring

      4: Prepare the set screw (01502-06) with a drop of Loctite 222 (purple). Loctite 222 is a very mild thread locker for small fasteners. It not only retains the set screw, it fills the gaps of the threads preventing corrosion allowing for easy removal in the future if necessary.

      Using a 2.5mm allen wrench tool, insert the set screw into the middle hole of the boot retaining ring but DO NOT tighten yet.

      5: Prep the accelerometer bracket screws (04757-13) with Loctite 222 like in step 4.

      6: Install the accelerometer bracket (24650-XX) onto the boot retaining ring with screws (04757-13) using a 4mm allen wrench. Torque to 3 Nm (25 in-lbs). Remember to orient the brackets as left and right. DO NOT tighten the set screw allen yet.

      7: The most important step…

      Align the boot retaining ring and accelerometer mounting brackets so that the accelerometer brackets are in line with the eyelet bolt hole. Sandwich the boot between the boot retaining ring (red arrow) and stop washer (blue arrow) and Torque the set screw (01502-06) to 3 Nm (25 in-lbs). You should see a gap between the clicker rubber boot and the boot retaining ring. This is why this step is the most important as it allows the clicker adjuster clearance so that it can be adjusted to full stiff. It also prevents the boot from sliding out of the boot retaining ring.

      This is the passenger side damper bracket orientation. The driver side bracket will be opposite.
      This is the passenger side damper bracket orientation. The driver side bracket will be opposite.

      8: Install the top mount using a 12 point socket and original OEM nut. you will need a thin wall socket to clear the hole in the top shock mount. When installed on the vehicle, the two holes will be facing the rear of the car. Rotate the eyelet assembly so the acceleromoter brackets are facing the two holes in the top mount. Use the Öhlins supplied zip ties to attach the dust boots to the body of the damper.

      Assembled Passenger Damper | Assembled Driver Damper

      9: If applicable, remove the EDC bracket (#5 in the diagram) before installing the dampers. This bracket was to create space for the EDC plug wires and is no longer needed.