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      Custom Catered

      We specialize in custom developed Öhlins suspensions. We have even aided Öhlins USA in the development of their BMW Dedicated Track kits. Our in house equipment (shock dyno, lathe, mill, TIG welder, and more) allow us to fit your Öhlins damper to your favorite camber plate or develop a bespoke kit from scratch.

      Many of the Öhlins Road and Track DFV suspension kits are designed to work with OEM mounts however there are many aftermarket mount options such as adjustable camber plates. Often times these aftermarket mounts are generic and require special spacers to make them fit an Öhlins damper. We offer custom part fabrication to fit your Öhlins damper to your favorite aftermarket mounts.

      Ohlins TTX Motorsport dampers are highly configurable. We take the TTX universal dampers and fit them to many different applications.

      Contact Us to schedule a consult.