Today (5/16) we are back from our influenza outbreak from last week. Phone support and emails may be delayed 5/16 through 5/17 as we catch up from time lost. Thank you for your understanding!

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      Shock Re-valving

      Valving is a term for the force a damper makes depending how fast (velocity) the suspension is moving up and down (bump and droop).  Valving is determined by many factors such as the use case (street or track), spring rates, motion ratios, chassis control, driving style and more. In other words, there is a lot more to it than simply controlling the spring. LEARN MORE...

      Shock Rebuild

      A suspension is a moving mechanical device. Just like an engine, the oil breaks down and parts wear out. Rebuilding a shock consists of replacing seals, orings,  and guide bushings. Service intervals are dependent on may factors such as environment (salty roads), road quality (pot holes), type of use (street or track), and more. LEARN MORE... 

      Shock Dyno Testing

      As car enthusiasts, we are all familiar with chassis/engine dynos and how they measure the horsepower and torque of your car's engine. Shock dynos do the same thing for your shocks. Dyno testing shocks is the best and cheapest way to diagnose the condition of your vehicles dampers. LEARN MORE...

      Spring / Strut / Bump Stop Rating

      Coming Soon...

      Anti Roll Bar Rating

      Coming Soon...