AIM MXL2 Dash Logger

  • $ 1,999.00

The AIM MXL2 Dash Logger

The powerful dash logger for all racers

A Wide Range of Data Sources

MXL2 is the new AiM dashlogger providing all the info needed by professional racers as well as by newbies. 
The product has been designed with the aim to make configuration and usage smooth and easy either for amateurs and for people with sophisticated technical background. 
MXL2 acquires and displays data coming from your ECU, the internal accelerometer and gyro, as well as from the GPS08 module included in the kit, analog/digital inputs and predefined math channels. 
Performance and data acquired can also be incremented adding up to eight expansion modules.

Can Output

With the CAN Output you can send messages directly to an existing CAN network in order to improve the range of vehicle control possibilities.

Freely Configurable Pages

You can define up to eight different custom pages, choosing among a wide library of page styles, defining which data to be shown, their end of scale and measure units. 
Here, examples of pages with 1, 2, 3 or 4 different data:


Sharp Liquid Crystal Display

The MXL2 display features a high contrast traditional LCD, with a black to white ratio nearly double its predecessor, fused with a graphical LCD offering great flexibility in information display and alerts.
The MXL2 now offers a dual colored backlight of high contrast white and red which can also be changed conditionally. 
An ambient light sensor keeps the backlight at optimum brightness levels.

Flexible Alarms

Six different alarm LEDs: you choose the conditions, the colors and the flashing frequency. 
You can configure them in order to turn them on/off depending on analog or digital inputs, ECU values, expansion values, GPS information or math channels.

You can also associate an alarm LED a message and a digital output with each event.

Two Digital Outputs

MXL2 features two digital outputs. 
The two digital outputs (Dout) are LOW SIDE type (switch to ground): they can be configured in order to be turned on/off depending on the value of the analog or digital inputs. 
They permit to automatically run external systems, i.e. to switch on/off additional lights, to activate/de-activate a cooling fan or circulation pumps, etc. when a certain event happens.

Integrated Shift Light Array

An integrated shift light is a hallmark of the MXL, but an even better 10 LED shift light array is found in the MXL2.
Choose from a host of advanced multicolored RGB shift light patterns that can be customized to your liking, and for each unique gear when required.


  Race Studio 3

Race Studio 3 is free to download and included in this kit. It is the heart of your MXL2, managing all your activities related to:

With Race Studio 3 you can create, modify, delete, import and export configurations with all channels, ECU drivers, Math channels, Display Pages, Digital outputs, Alarms, Shift Lights and all the expansions you need. You will also be able to manage the map of all your racing tracks and compare two laps watching the video recorded by SmartyCam HD cameras.


With Race Studio 3 you can also analyse all data recorded by MXL2 and downloaded to your PC: graphs, histograms and tables will help you study your performance, providing an objective support to avoid mistakes and improve performances.

  • MXL2 (Dash Logger)
  • 37 Pin Harness (Main harness)
  • GPS08 Module (With 4 Meter cable for roof mounting)
  • USB Adapter (With panel mount)
  • USB Cable (To connect logger to your PC)

Data Hub
AiM data loggers have a single AiM CAN input/output. (Not to be confused with the ECU CAN network) The Data Hub allows you to expand the AiM CAN network to allow the use of multiple AiM peripherals such as LCU Lambda Controller, GPS08 Module, TC hubs, SmartyCam, and Channel Expansion.  


Channel Expansion:
It permits to add 4 0-5Volt analog channels for pressure, temperature sensors and potentiometers. Two of these channels can be configured to receive digital inputs like wheel speed. 

TC Hub:
It adds 4 K thermocouples.

LCU-One Lambda Controller:
Wide band Lambda controller LCU-One, with Bosch LSU 4.9 probe, providing all Air/Fuel data, lambda value and exhaust gas temperature, allows to perfectly tune the carburetion.

SmartyCam HD Camera Rev 2.1:
The on-board cameras that overlays on videos the data sampled by your logger.

Memory Module:
The Memory Module is a small SD Card holder that can be connected via CAN bus to your AiM logger in order to record the data during your tests.

22 Pin Harness:
This expansion harnesses lets you access the advanced functions of your AiM MXL2 data logger. Extra analog sensor channels, digital wheel speed senor inputs, digital outputs, RS232 ECU connections, thermocouple leads, etc. 

37 Pin Harness w/ thermocouple leads:
Same harness that is included with the MXL2 but with the addition of 1 or 2 thermocouple Leads.

Remote Button Interface:
The remote buttons interface has been designed to make the MXL2 use easier when the system buttons can be difficult to push: typically, when the dashboard where the system is installed is too narrow or too far from your reach. 

22 Pin Female Deutsch Connector:
This is the bare plug to allow for customized harness installation. This takes an advanced level of assembly knowledge and tools.

37 Pin Female Deutsch Connector:
This is the bare plug to allow for customized harness installation. This takes an advanced level of assembly knowledge and tools.

Adapter Harness for MXL Strada/Pista:
AiM designed a tailor made adapter to allow an easy switch from the MXL to the newest MXL2. Just connect this harness to your standard MXL cable and the MXL2 will be ready to use.