Binder (Series 711) Plug

Binder (Series 711) Plug

  • $ 8.58

The harnesses that come with an AiM logger out of the box are meant to be a "catch all" with pigtails. You will likely find yourself having to extend the harness to reach the required hook up point locations. We use these 711 plugs to create and terminate our own harnesses to remove the need for splices that can cause trouble in the future, not to mention bulky wire harness spots. These plugs work with the connectors found on the EVO4 and EVO4S loggers as well as the TC Hub, Data Hub, and Channel Expansions.

They have a strain relief clamp for 3mm to 5mm Wire. If your wire is smaller than 3mm we suggest adding a short section of dual wall heat shrink to increase the diameter so the strain relief will work.

Use Cases 

Use 2 Contacts for the following:

  • EVO4S Power

Use 3 Contacts for the following:

  • TC Hub

Use 4 Contacts for the Following:

  • EVO4 Speed, Channels 1-5, Beacon
  • EVO4S Speed, Channels 1-5, Beacon

Use 5 Contacts for the following:

  • Data Hub
  • EVO4 ECU, Expansion, RPM/K
  • EVO4S Expansion, GPS, RPM/Dout

 Use 7 Contacts for the following:

  • Series: 711
  • Connector Locking System: bolted
  • Termination: solder
  • Wire Gauge (mm): 0,25 mm²
  • Wire Gauge (awg): 24
  • Degree of Protection: IP40
  • Mechanical Operation: > 500 Mating cycles
  • Upper Temperature ℃: 85
  • Lower Temperature ℃ : -40
  • Rated Voltage: 125
  • Rated Impulse Voltage: 1500
  • Pollution Degree: 1
  • Rated Current: 4 A
  • Volume Resistivity: ≤ 3 mΩ
  • Material of Contact: CuZn (Messing)
  • Contact Plating: Au (gold)
  • Material of Contact Body: PA (UL 94 V-0)
  • Cable Outlet: 4 - 5 mm