BMW E46 3 Series (RWD) - Öhlins "Road and Track" Suspension Kit

  • $ 2,695.00

Thank you for your interest in our E46 3 Series Öhlins "Road and Track" suspension kit. 

Öhlins has been an integrated part of the Motorsport industry for over 40 years. With its headquarters in Sweden, there are over 320 employees and a test center at the most demanding track in the world, the Nurburgring. Ohlins is the choice of Professional racers from Touring Cars, 24 Hours of LeMans teams, and the new 2018 BMW M4 GT4 factory racecar. 

The Öhlins "Road and Track" lineup provides optimal suspension performance on both the street and the track. You like stiff and reactive? Or soft and forgiving? It’s all there. The easily accessible adjuster at the base of the Öhlins units allows small, but positive increments of fine tuning, so you can take into account every single parameter. Sounds complicated? Nothing could be further from the truth. Just a few clicks either way will soon have your car responding precisely to your inputs and driving style.

Key Features:

  • Street Friendly with Racing Level Technology 
  • Dual Flow Valve (DFV)
  • Damping Adjustable (20+ available clicks of adjustment)
  • Ride Height Adjustable
  • 2 Year Warranty (Corrosion tested ISO 9227)
  • Customizable (Spring Rates, Valving, Mounts, etc) 

Öhlins "Road and Track" suspensions are great out of the box but we know everyone is a little bit different, or perhaps a lot different which is why 3DM Motorsport offers a variety of "Road and Track" solutions for your E46. If you haven't already, we recommend reviewing our 'Öhlins Buyers Guide' where you will find information such as “Why Öhlins” and "Why Purchase From 3DM Motorsport" along with an overview of all the categories of kits we offer. This will help guide you in purchasing the best kit for your application. 

E46 3 Series Specifications

  • Öhlins Part Number: BMZ MI35
  • Front Spring: (70N/mm) (400 lbs/in)
  • Rear Spring: (110N/mm) (630 lbs/in)

Special Notes:

Does NOT fit the IX model

The top shaft has been adopted from the e46 M3 to provide greater strength than the smaller shaft of the e46 Non M cars. This requires use of the E46 M3 front top mount. All instructions can be found in the 3 Series E46 Installation Guide (PDF)

We highly Recommend our E46 3 Series "Road and Track RTR" Kit which comes pre-assembled will all the necessary top mount parts.