BMW E9X 3 Series (RWD) - Öhlins "Road and Track RTR" Suspension Kit (BMS Mi01)

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New for 2020! This kit replaces the previous BMS Mi00 kit.

Updates Include:

-Front spring rate: 70 N/mm (400 lbs/in)
-180mm front spring to aid in clearance of wider aftermarket wheels/tires.
-Rear spring rate: 120 N/mm (685 ln/in) to better control higher HP cars
-Front and rear shock valving changed to match new spring rates
-Rear droop travel reduced to keep springs retained on upgraded rear ball joint suspensions.

The result... the ultimate suspension kit for your E9X 3 series right out of the box!

Thank you for your interest in our E9X 3 Series Öhlins "Road and Track RTR" suspension kit. We offer many kits for the E9X 3 Series. If you haven't already, we suggest reviewing our BMW E9X 3 SERIES - ÖHLINS BUYERS GUIDE as you may find there is a better kit that will suit your needs.

Öhlins has been an integrated part of the Motorsport industry for over 40 years. With its headquarters in Sweden, there are over 320 employees and a test center at the most demanding track in the world, the Nurburgring. Ohlins is the choice of Professional racers from Touring Cars, 24 Hours of LeMans teams, and the new 2018 BMW M4 GT4 factory racecar. 

The Öhlins "Road and Track" lineup provides optimal suspension performance on both the street and the track. You like stiff and reactive? Or soft and forgiving? It’s all there. The easily accessible adjuster at the base of the Öhlins units allows small, but positive increments of fine tuning, so you can take into account every single parameter. Sounds complicated? Nothing could be further from the truth. Just a few clicks either way will soon have your car responding precisely to your inputs and driving style.

Key Features:

  • Street Friendly with Racing Level Technology 
  • Dual Flow Valve (DFV)
  • Damping Adjustable (20+ available clicks of adjustment)
  • Ride Height Adjustable
  • 2 Year Warranty (Corrosion tested ISO 9227)
  • Customizable (Spring Rates, Valving, Mounts, etc) 


3DM pre-assembles the basic Öhlins Road and Track Kits with OEM mounts so they are ready to bolt up to your car out of the box. This removes the need to research and source all the pieces yourself. It also reduces the risk of getting caught mid install with an incorrect part. New mounting hardware is also included depending on the application. All ride height settings are set to Öhlins recommended starting points with spring perch jam nuts torqued. You can always request a different setting or change it yourself before install.

In most cases, basic hand tools are all that are needed to install these kits. There should be no need for complicated special tools such as a spring compressor. Every DIY mechanic operates at a different pace but with these kits you will likely cut install time in less than half over a basic kit.

If you are having your favorite shop perform the install, the RTR kits will save you labor costs as well, offsetting the extra cost of the new mounts and hardware. We recommend letting your shop know this setup comes pre-assembled so they can adjust their labor estimate accordingly.

  • Öhlins Part Number: BMS MI01
  • Front springs (70 N/mm) (400 lbs/in)
  • Rear springs (120 N/mm)(685 lbs/in)
  • OEM Front Top Mounts
  • OEM Rear Lower Shock Mount
  • OEM Rear Upper Shock Mount (Urethane upgrade option available)
  • Hardware
    -Front Clamp Bolt and Nut
    -Front Top Mount Nuts
    -Rear Lower Shock mount Bolts and Nuts

Additional Notes:

  • Please note this kit DOES NOT fit the AWD models


Ships in 5-10 business days.