BMW EDC Cancellation Kit

BMW EDC Cancellation Kit

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Öhlins Racing provides cancellation kits for cars equipped with originally equipped (OE) electronically adjustable shock absorbers.

BMW: Electronic Damper Control (EDC)

  • Avoids error messages when changing the shock absorber from OE.
  • The car ECU works in conjunction with this cancellation kit and all functions of the car remains as OE.
  • Can also be used for other manufacturers and OE aftermarket suspensions separately
  • The kit comes with Mounting instruction and one kit contains parts for whole car.

EDC Cancellation Kits:

BMW M3 F80, M4 F82, M2 Comp Cancellation kit EDC: 35020-02 
BMW F30 Cancellation kit EDC: 35020-03 
BMW M3-E92 Cancellation kit EDC: 35020-04 
BMW Z4 Cancellation kit EDC: 35020-05