E9X M3 Rear Lower Control Arm Conversion Kit (Includes Hardware)

E9X M3 Rear Lower Control Arm Conversion Kit (Includes Hardware)

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The standard E9X rear lower control arm is stamped and welded sheet metal and weights approximately 5.1 Lbs. The spring seat is a convoluted rubber pad that fits in the channels of the sheet metal to create a platform for the spring to sit. The shock mount is also a large rubber "pin mount" style and is not ideal for a performance shock. 

The E9X M3 arm is made of aluminum and weighs approximately 4.1 Lbs. It features a flat spring perch and a double shear shock mount for standard eyelet shocks. This is a much nicer and cleaner solution. 

Our conversion kit comes with both left and right arms and all associated hardware for mounting. The original hardware of the steel arms will NOT work, the flanges on the Aluminum are thicker requiring longer bolts. 

Please note, converting to these control arms requires converting to an eyelet shock. The original pin style shock will not work.

Kit Includes: (All Parts Genuine BMW)

Control Arms: 

  • Left Control Arm : 33322283885
  • Right Control Arm: 33322283886

Hardware Kit:

  • 2x Inner Bolt M14x1.5x120: 33302283616
  • 2x Eccentric Washer: 33306786187
  • 2x Outer Bolt M14x1.5x110: 33176760342
  • 4x Nut M14x1.5:  33306760349
  • 2x Shock Bolt m12x1.5 Grade 10.9: 33522283638