Ohlins Clicker Extensions Kits

Ohlins Clicker Extensions Kits

  • $ 105.00

3DM Motorsport has assembled all the necessary pieces to convert your regular brass color knurled clicker knob to an extended "remote" clicker knob. 

Kit specifications: Kit is for one shock

  • 1x Clicker knob  (24631-XX)
  • 1x Extension wire: (24632-XX)
  • 1x Adjuster knob: (24633-01)
  • 1x Screw (24633-02)

Kit Options:  

For shock shafts with an M10x1.25 thread:

  • 380 mm: 3DM-P-1143
  • 280 mm: 3DM-P-1144
  • 136 mm: 3DM-P-1145
  • 65 mm: 3DM-P-1146

For shock shafts with an M12x1.5 thread:

  • 380 mm: 3DM-P-1147
  • 280 mm: 3DM-P-1148
  • 136 mm: 3DM-P-1149
  • 65 mm: 3DM-P-1150

Additional Notes:

  • Lengths are based on extension wire length. The overall length will be longer when you account for the clicker adjuster and clicker knob.
  • Each kit is for one shock. Select "QTY 2" for a pair of shocks.