S54 Chassis Interface Harness

  • $ 165.00

The BMW S54B32 is arguably one of the all time great  engines. Over 100hp/L and a redline over 8000 RPM makes in a great choice for racing applications. Especially now that S52 prices are on the rise and the S54 is welcomed back into NASA GTS2 cars it’s a great time to consider this swap.

There are already  several complete swap harnesses on the market, but this product isn’t that. This product is intended to simplify the chassis interface with your S54 DME/ECU. It provides throttle pedal, an OBD2 port, CAN (for connecting to an AiM device or similar), and the signal wire to control your fuel pumps (using the ground signal as is standard in swap ECU/DME configurations).

This allows you to use the OEM S54 engine wiring harness and eliminates the guesswork of the chassis interface wiring.

As with all of our wiring products Mil-Spec wiring and heatshrink are used along with brand new OEM BMW connectors.