S54 Engine Fuse and Relay Relocation Service

S54 Engine Fuse and Relay Relocation Service

  • $ 325.00

The S54 engine harness has a cluster of fuses and relays that fit nicely into E46’s ECU enclosure, however, in swap applications or when you have a roll cage that ties into the shock towers you’re often faced with having to deal with an ungainly set of components that are bulky and difficult to relocate since they don’t fit thru any holes in the firewall.

Our solution to this is to add Deutsch connectors to the fuses and relays and extend all the wires by 6 feet. This allows you to route the wires and mount the relays and fuses inside the cabin or elsewhere in the engine bay and not have the struggle with stuffing the fuses away in a corner of the engine bay.

As with everything we do, Mil-Spec wire is used of the proper gauge and we’ve done this work as custom for several race shops with great results.

This product requires the buyer to furnish an engine harness which we will modify and return.