Vorshlag Rear Spherical Bearing Shock Mounts

Vorshlag Rear Spherical Bearing Shock Mounts

  • $ 199.00

The factory rubber rear upper shock mount (RSM) for the BMW chassis are known to be a failure point - and when they fail they come apart completely. Even when new these have a lot of slop and "slow down" damper reactions to vertical inputs in the shocks.

Polyurethane RSMs are too rigid and do not articulate well, causing bind, and this allows unnecessary flexing of the rear sheet metal where it mounts (this area is prone to cracks and breakage when poly mounts are used).

Vorshlag Spherical RSMs have a metal spherical ball bearing that smoothly articulates with no bind. The metal tolerances are tight, for a slop-free use, which won't delay the damper inputs. Spherical shock mounts are all you see on a race car for good reason, but our design is also applicable to street use - for dual-purpose cars that see some autocross or track time.

Vorshlag RSMs use the largest spherical bearing on the market (19mm ID) - it is massive, which means it is strong. We use a U.S. made, Teflon lined, aircraft quality stainless spherical ball. The spherical bearing location itself has been raised above the shock tower, to increase overall bump travel for your rear shocks.


  • Large 19mm OD Spherical bearing
  • Bearing location raised above shock tower to increase bump travel
  • Aluminum alloy main plate for lighter weight, engraved and fully anodized
  • All components plated or anodized for maximum corrosion resistance and long life.


  • 10mm Shock Pin Diameter
  • 12mm Shock Pin Diameter