Ohlins Clicker Extensions

  • $ 31.00

Clicker extensions allow adjustment through carpets and other hard to reach places. Please note that the extensions do not include the knob, attachment screw, and clicker knob*. These are sold separately.

Knob: 24633-01
Attachment Screw: 24633-02

*You must use a Type 1 Clicker Knob with a set screw that accepts the control wire. 

Type 1: (Long)(2 Options)

Overall Length (L): 380mm
Sleeve Length (L1): 330mm

Overall Length (L): 280mm
Sleeve Length (L1): 230mm

Type 2: (Medium)
Overall Length (L): 136mm
Sleeve Length (L1): 100mm

Type 3: (Short)
Overall Length (L): 65mmmm