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      Ready to Run Services

      Our most popular service is offering Öhlins suspension systems as "Ready to Run" (RTR). Most Öhlins suspension systems are designed to work with your vehicles factory OEM mounts. Before installing your new Öhlins suspension system, you must decide whether you are going to reuse your existing OEM mounts, get new OEM mounts, or upgrade to an aftermarket mount.

      Whether you decide to use new factory mounts or upgrade to an aftermarket mount, there are many pieces of the puzzle beyond the mount itself such as spacers, hardware, special tools, etc that are required to install the mounts correctly. If one of these pieces is overlooked, then your vehicle could be stuck on jack stands or a lift for days while you sort out the issue. This is why our RTR service is our biggest seller... and it is FREE!

      *If your specific Öhlins kit is not offered on our website as an RTR kit, please contact us to be a development volunteer.