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We carry the full line of Ohlins Road and Track suspension kits.  We offer each kit ready to run (RTR) with multiple top mount options.

We are also working directly with Ohlins to bring more options to the market such as Dedicated Track setups, BMW 5 Series kits, E9X AWD kits, and more! Sign up for our newsletter below to stay informed as new products are released.

E9X 335i Ohlins Road and Track Suspension Kits

The Ohlins BMW E9X 3 Series Road and Track kit (BMS MI00) was developed to catch all of the E9X standard cars including the 325i, 328i, 330i, and 335i. This kit is fantastic for the NA powered E9Xs but it needed some revising when it comes to a modified 335i.

Buyers Guide: E9X 335i Buyers Guide

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"3DM TrackDay Series" and "Ohlins Dedicated Track" Coming Soon! Contact Us for more info.

Ohlins Dedicated Track

Ohlins will be releasing a new product line called "Dedicated Track". 3DM Motosport has been helping Ohlins with the development of the BMW kits. The e46 M3 will be released soon with the E9X M3 and E9X 3 Series kits soon to follow.