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      We sell, service, and upgrade all Öhlins automotive suspension kits for BMW, Porsche, Honda, Subaru, and more. Most retailers drop ship kits straight from Öhlins and provide little to no support post purchase. 3DM Suspension specializes in Öhlins suspensions, we know them inside and out. Between our in house shock dyno and custom built tools, we can service and repair any Öhlins damper.

      We also specialize in custom developed Öhlins suspensions. We have even aided Öhlins USA in the development of their BMW Dedicated Track kits. Our in house equipment (shock dyno, lathe, mill, TIG welder, and more) allow us to fit your Öhlins damper to your favorite camber plate or develop a bespoke kit from scratch.

      All of our Ohlins suspension kits are offered either

      Learn about Öhlins suspension kit options...

      ROAD & TRACK
      Road Cars | Track Cars | AutoX Cars

      The Öhlins Road and Track range was born out of their Motorsport program, where the impossible has to be made possible, so you can expect the same level of care and attention to detail on the R&T range. Damping rate on the R&T units is fully adjustable and ties compression and rebound together as a matched setting, meaning that in 99% of cases, the units will work superbly, straight ‘out of the box’ with only the smallest adjustments required to suit the car or drivers individual preferences. Despite what other suspension manufacturers may tell you, comfort is king, even when you are trying to set-up a competition machine. Öhlins’ vast experience in Motorsport events around the globe has shown that the fastest drivers are those who aren’t being shaken to bits. The ‘science of compliance’ is a hugely important part of their design work.


      Road & Track RTR

      This kit includes all the items from the Basic Kit above. In addition, 3DM pre-assembles this kit with OEM mounts so they are ready to bolt up to your car out of the box. This removes the need to research and source all the pieces yourself. It also reduces the risk of getting caught mid install with an incorrect part. This kit uses the updated 5 bolt front top mount. Early F8X cars came with 3 bolt top mounts. This kit will bolt directly up to both early and later F8X cars.

      In most cases, basic hand tools are all that are needed to install these kits. There should be no need for complicated special tools such as a spring compressor. Every DIY mechanic operates at a different pace but with these kits you will likely cut install time in less than half over a basic kit.

      If you are having your favorite shop perform the install, the RTR kits will save you labor costs as well, offsetting the extra cost of the new mounts and hardware. We recommend letting your shop know this setup comes pre-assembled so they can adjust their labor estimate accordingly.




      3DM Track Day

      Road Cars | Track Cars | AutoX Cars

      Our ‘TrackDay Series’ kits take the Öhlins Road and Track dampers to the next level while still retaining street-ability. While you certainly can “set it and forget it” with these kits, they are geared more towards the person who wants to tinker with their suspension on a regular basis.

      These kits are not “shopping cart” developed. Tweaks to each component have been made to ensure proper fitment and the ultimate performance. The camber plates AND dampers have been modified to ensure proper bump/droop travel. Springs have been spec-ed to have sufficient compression travel.




      Track Cars | AutoX Cars

      These kits have been designed for cars that see nothing but track use. They are similar in fitment to our TrackDay Series kits but with much higher spring rates and valving to match including a modified Dual Flow Valve setup. 

      Advanced Track Cars | Club Racecars | Professional Racecars

      Öhlins Racing developed the Twin Tube (TTX) technology back in 2002, first used in formula racing series. Since then, the TTX-technology has been developed further to maximize the performance on the track and are now widely featured in all top-level racing. With the TTX-technology you receive the highest level of suspension technology, a real racing product. The TTX products comes in a variety of dimensions, lengths and designs, all tested by our qualified test drivers. With the individual adjusters for the compression- and rebound valve you have the best possible option to set up your car for the track day. When driving on the limit, it puts immense stress on your equipment, tires, suspension, brakes, bushings etc. Öhlins TTX-technology allows you to push the car to the limit. Shock absorbers can experience loss of damping, cavitation when pushed over the limit of optimal performance. With Öhlins TTX-technology cavitation has been eliminated with the unique design. The TTX-technology always keeps the pressure balanced within the shock absorber. Hence you will never experience a pressure drop or loss of damping performance when pushing your car to the limit to set the fastest lap time. The Öhlins TTX shock absorbers are racer friendly shock absorbers, easy to set up, dial in and rebuild.

      Advanced Track Cars | Club Racecars | Professional Racecars

      The STX-series are a high-pressure monotube type shock absorber. The fluid is under gas pressure and is kept separated by a dividing piston. The pressurisation prevents cavitation of the oil, and the shock absorbing action is, therefore, more even. Öhlins shock absorbers with external rebound adjustment have integrated temperature compensation. The shock absorbing effect is consequently independent of the temperature. The more advanced models permit individual adjustment of compression and rebound damping. Öhlins shock absorbers provide the possibility of adjustment, making them adaptable to most vehicles, drivers and ranges of use. All of the shock absorbers with springs have adjustable preload of the spring action. The Öhlins STX shock absorbers are racer friendly shock absorbers, easy to set up, dial in and rebuild. 

      Rally Cross | Professional Rally

      The proven Group N technology is based on WRC experience and a WRC developed Dynamic Compression Control (DCC) and Dynamic Rebound Control (DRC) for the front TPX dampers. The Progressive Damping System (PDS) increases the performance in jumps and also maintaining temperature stability (front gravel). A WRC developed Stroke Dependent Rebound (SDR) improves overall traction, performance in jumping and the stability when cutting corners as well. The twin piston McPherson strut also has a reinforced outer tube in high strength steel with calibrated bushing seats. The rear TTX damper has an extruded cylinder tube that creates less damper hysteresis which means improved wheel control and traction on the rear axle. 

      On/Off Road Vehicle

      A unique blend of off and on-road performance based on the STX damper technology. These systems can be customized and extended for lifted vehicles.



      Formula | Electric

      Öhlins and 3DM Motorsport understand the importance of relationships from beginning to end, from racers in training to experienced veterans. It’s for this reason that we offer the TTX25 MkII FSAE: a product centered in the Formula SAE/Formula student collegiate design organizations’ demands. The TTX25 MkII FSAE uses modern twin tube technology, in a small package. The 4-way externally adjustable damper is completely serviceable by the end user, and rebuild and revalve kits are available to make the task easy. Also available are springs, spare parts, specialty tools, dynamometer plots, CAD models, and other technical information.