Mitsubishi EVO X (2008-2015) Rally Gravel System (MiU MN50)

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Öhlins Rally 

Both front and rear are fully pressure balanced, eliminating the risk of cavitation and due to low gas pressure, they keep the internal friction low. The proven Group N technology has now been updated with new settings based on WRC experience and a WRC developed Dynamic Compression and Dynamic Rebound Control, DCC/DRC, for the front TPX dampers. The Progressive Damping System (PDS) has been updated to increase the performance in jumps and also maintaining temperature stability (front gravel). To improve overall traction, performance in jumping and the stability when cutting corners a WRC developed Stroke Dependent Rebound has been added as well. The Twin
Piston McPherson strut also has a reinforced outer tube in high strength steel with calibrated bushing seats. The rear TTX damper has an extruded cylinder tube that creates less damper hysteresis which means improved wheel control and traction on the rear axle. 


Front TPX

  • Updated setting based on WRC experience and proved winning performance
  • WRC developed DCC/DRC (Dynamic Compression/Rebound Control) for improved traction
  • Updated PDS (Progressive Damping System) for increased jumping performance and temperature stability, gravel only
  • WRC developed SDR (Stroke Dependent Rebound) for improved traction, jumping performance and improved stability when cutting corners
  • Reinforced outer tube in high strength steel with calibrated bushing seats

Rear TTX

  • Extruded cylinder tube body with less damper hysteresis for improved wheel control and traction on rear axle


Part Number

  • Part Number: MiU MN50

Spring Rates:

  • Front:  40 N/mm
  • Rear: 50 N/mm