Spring Thrust Bearings

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Improve your coilovers performance with spring thrust bearings. These bearings allow your coilover springs to smoothly rotate on the spring perch under compression. This enables the load on the spring to be more evenly distributed easing the pre-load and keeping a more constant spring rate. 

We recommend these bearings for more dedicated track cars and racecars. Using these on "daily driver" setups may cause premature wear from the constant exposure to road grime.

Each kit comes with 1 roller bearing and 2 hardened load distributing washers for one spring. 

Spring Diameter - Part Number

  • 2.25 inch = 3DM-P-1088
  • 2.5 inch = 3DM-P-1089
  • 60mm = 3DM-P-1090
  • 65mm = 3DM-P-1091
  • 70mm = 3DM-P-1092