BMW E9X Rear Trailing Arm Ball Joint Conversion Kit

  • $ 198.00

The BMW E9X rear suspension is very complex with 5 linkages per side. The rear lower trailing arm is one of those five linkages and is a stamped steel sheet metal arm designed to bend in the case of an accident so the gas tank does not get punctured. (#1 in HA5 diagram)

BMW HA5 Suspension Diagram

It is connected to the subframe and spindle via rubber bushings which flex under braking, acceleration and cornering loads causing dramatic toe changes which lead to instability and wandering.

Original Rubber Bushing

The 3DM Motorsport ball joint kit replaces the original rubber bushings with a factory style ball joint eliminating flex and allowing for a more precise suspension articulation. The ball joints are sealed and allow for a long service life unlike "racing" spherical bearings that can wear prematurely. There is no modification necessary to the subframe, control arm, or spindle. These press in just like the factory bushings.

3DM Motorsport Ball Joint

3DM Motorsport Ball Joint Kit: 3DM-P-1093

  • Qty 2 (Left/Right) subframe ball joint
  • Qty 2 (Left/right) spindle ball joint

3DM Motorsport Ball Joint Kit with Replacement Hardware: 3DM-P-1093-H

  • Qty 2 (Left/Right) subframe ball joint
  • Qty 2 (Left/right) spindle ball joint
  • Qty 4 bolts: M12x1.5x67mm Grade 10.9
  • Qty 4 Nuts: M12x1.5 locknut

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