Subaru BRZ ZC6 2012-2017 Ohlins Road and Track

  • $ 2,200.00


General Features

The Dual Flow Valve (DFV) technology, temperature compensation, and the ride height adjustment concept are just a few features that set Ohlins apart from the rest of the competition.  Each kit is corrosion salt spray tested (ISO 9227) and comes with a 2 year limited warranty. Finally , All Öhlins units are fully serviceable and adjustable, making sure that they give faithful and dynamic service for years to come. 

BRZ ZC6 Specifications


    • Öhlins Part Number: SUS MP20

    Front Assembly

    • Height Adjustable (Out of the Box Setting ~20mm lower)
    • Coil Springs: (40 N/mm) (228 lbs/in)
    • Includes Top Mounts

    Rear Assembly

    • Separate Spring Adjuster (Out of the Box Setting ~15mm lower)
    • Coil Springs: (30 N/mm)(171 lbs/in)
    • Includes Top Mounts